Let’s start Global Business with Japan
Are you looking for some new business you can do now? then why not start Used Car Importing Business from Japan.

As you know well, Japanese cars, Japanese used cars are known as it have good condition, high quality and much much more goodies. Japanese people known as kind, polite and delicate, also sensitive. most of Japanese people owned their cars polite and delicate. so even they owned their cars for several years, cars are still maintain its condition just like a new cars. compare used cars from Japan and from others, we sure you will find better conditons on cars from Japan than cars from other countrys.

so We will recommend you to start Global Business, specially Used Car Importing Business from Japan. It might say something like this:

Hi there! I’m a used car dealer at Kenya, all of my cars are imported from Japan. my brother lives in Tokyo, and He exports used cars from Tokyo for me. thats why all my cars have great condition than any other car shop around here.

…or something like this:

The XYZ Trading Company was founded in 1991, and has been importing best quality used cars from Japan to the public ever since. Located in Gotham City, XYZ sold over 2,000 cars there and does all kinds of awesome things for the Gotham community.

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How to start Global Business with Japan
To start Used Car Importing Business with Japan, first you should find genuine Used Car Exporter at Japan. then they will find your cars at japanese automobile market and export it to your local port. after your car has exported from Japan, all you have to do are import procedure at your local port. you might think importing procedure are difficult. but its not so hard as you think. just show your B/L(Bill of Lading) documents to your local port staff and pay importing duty tax to them. thats all, and they will give you your cars there.


Which Used Car Exporter looks best in Japan:

There is many Used Car Exporters in Japan. so We guess its hard for you to choose one from there. well, We guess choosing Japanese car exporter looks better than choosing Foreign car exporter. because most of Japanese car exporters are genuine and kind, polite. most of Foreign car exporter rewind odometers, change parts without notice and change documents.

Why Autoshipper Organization:

Autoshipper Organization located in Hiroshima city, Japan. Autoshipper Organization is founded by Hiroshima Automobile and now more than 100 used car shops are member of it. so We can search and find best cars direct from our members stock. means cars you looking matches at our stock in high percentages.

Whats freight:

Autoshipper Organization has many used car shop members. but not just car shop member but we also have many vessel co members and Forwarder members too. so they can ship your cars direct to your local port. it means you can save freight charge more than others.

How can I choose my car from:

You can choose your car from our Automobile Inventory list. or You can send your car request from Contact Us page. includes above 2 pages, all our website pages has https security system for your safety.

What is payment method:

You can pay your payment thru bank TT tranfer. or also You can use credit card thru PayPal paying system.

What is deposit:

for first purchasing, 100% payment thru bank TT tranfer is required but from second, third purchasing, You may choose deposit from 80%, 70%, 60%, 50% and 40%, 30%. for details, ask your staff.

How do you export:

We are Autoshipper Organization. so We can export in any method as you requested. RORO ship, 20ft containner on containner ship or 40ft containner on containner ship. or We also can export it by open containner if you like.

Whats RORO ship:

RORO ship is vessel which can load cars direct. so you dont have to use containner for shipping cars.

Whats Containner ship:

Containner ship is vessel which containner. all packages are load into vessel with containner. containner has 20 feet containner and 40 feet containner. only one can load into 20 feet containner. and around 3, 4 or 6 cars can load into 40 feet containner at once. if car is brand new or specially luxury, we prefer you to use 20 feet containner for shipping.

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